The Beginning of the Grading System

I have a very “special” relationship with my fellow Marta passengers that they don’t know I have.  They either entertain or irritate the heck out of me (or a combination of both) during my 40 minute commutes to and from the place that pays me.  I write about my journey and train buddies often…mostly my observations and irritations.  I have quite a few quirks and triggers that add to my experience and sometimes distress.  Writing helps me “cope” with the commute.  It also gives me a chance to get all of the random thoughts out of my head.  Below is the beginning of the grading system…

I’m sitting here grading my seat mate for what looks like the majority of my commute. Dude sitting with me for the last 7 or 8 (and still counting) stops is getting major deductions for insulting my ultra sensitive olfactory sensory neurons with his terrible choice of a cigarettes and coffee combination instead of a nice cologne.   And the fact that I keep seeing him tilt that coffee cup in my peripheral has to lower his grade even more. Thank you to the person who inventhoodies….mine is serving as an eye shield right now.  But, he gets bonus points for taking up very little space, turning his feet to lean his body in the aisle, and making me feel nostalgic by rocking the fresh stocking cap waves…he still has the line across the forehead and the waves are pressed hard against his scalp indicating this was NOT the work of a durag.   The fact that he is not responsible for my neurosis and I’m still cracking up about those waves sticking to his scalp makes me want to grade him on a curve. I’ve had much worse. SEAT MATE GRADE: C2616151738_7732153b37_o

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