Booger Girl 3.29.17

Awwww hell naw! I thought I had a Grade B seat mate today. All was going well, except for the fight for elbow space…which I won. I always win those…probably because most don’t even know it’s a competition.  So, things were going pretty well after that until she started fidgeting too much in my peripheral. I started getting irritated cause I figured she was wiping her nose lightly but I didn’t see tissue. So, I turn to confirm my tissue theory and I get a double whammy – she does not have tissue AND she is knuckle deep in her nose.   She had the nerve to pause because of the horror on my face like I was the first to see it on a train full of folks. My seat mate is a damn booger girl!  Where is she putting them?   Time to get off. Seat Mate Grade: F

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