6 things to know about misophonia

6 Things To Know About Misophonia is a good article for those just learning about misophonia.  But, I must admit, I had a hard time reading the description of the triggers.  Just hearing the words irritated – my face was all screwed up, shoulders got tight, and rocking ensued to soothe.  As I read the article, I thought about MisoMe and how it all relates.  Let me take a moment to break it down.

  1. No one knows why it happens: I sure as hell don’t! But, I have learned to cope through the years. I became very okay early on with people thinking I was rude/ bitchy because I had to say something and/or remove myself from situations. As the years passed, I’ve learned to do me while letting other people do them. I want people to continue on with their lives as usual, but know that I am going to continue on with mine and do what I need to do.  Those closest to me understand this and benefit greatly from my nurturing, loving side while dealing with MisoMe.
  2. 5 main categories – mouth sounds, breathing noise, vocal noise, body movements, miscellaneous irritants: All 5 are triggers and then some! Gum popping, food/ice smacking/crunching, soft chewing, jewelry dangling, keyboard tapping, wet noises, sniffing, silverware against plates/bowls…the list goes on and on. And, they all ring in my ears much longer than the duration of the actual sound.
  3. It starts early: I have been this way as long as I remember. My mother says I used to bite people when triggered as a toddler. I’m glad I grew out of that.  Although, my coping visions are much worse than that. LOL
  4. It might spring from anxiety: Not really an issue for me the majority of my life. But, if I am in a stressful situation, it does make it worse.
  5. It’s life-altering: Indeed it is! Most people think I am an extrovert, but that is far from the truth. I prefer my alone time with spurts of “people moments”. While I am being the “life of the party”, I’m usually thinking about getting home. My saving graces are EARBUDS, EARBUDS, EARBUDS, fan white noise (most other white noises are triggers), music (when they are not making trigger noises), isolation, and I know when I need to just get up and leave.
  6. Treatment’s in the works: I don’t know about that. I have been self-soothing all my life. But, I’m willing to try the day and night earplugs I’ve been hearing/reading about. But umm-er-rah exposing me to sounds to help me tolerate them might get someone hurt. Think cat suit & and a samurai sword… 🙂


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