The Little Things

Spring Break is a beautiful time on Marta.  Kids are out for the week and lucky parents are out too. I may just get through this 40 min ride without a seat mate. It’s the little things that make me happy and help me start the day off right.

Update:  I made it halfway through before I got a seat mate…with a DD drink in her hand.😩  I don’t know what it is about seeing people drink in my peripheral that drives me crazy enough to use my hair to block my vision, but it does.  Aren’t there some Marta rules to drinking on the train?  Is there a number I can call? lol  Really though, besides the drink she’s not that bad as far as seat mates go.  I’ll give her a decent grade.  Plus, she’s about to have to deal with this dance I’m about to do to the song that just hit my earbuds. Tamar told me to pop it… Seat Mate Grade: B

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