Knee-ed To Know

My peripheral vision lies to me all the time.  I thought the person next to me was a woman for the last few stops because of the colorful print just above the knees.  What I thought was a skirt is actually swim trunks and the she is actually a he.  That’s what I get for relying on my peripheral vision only.  Now that I’ve actually turned my head the few inches necessary to see him, I notice he’s paired the swim trunks with a fleece hoodie.  I guess this weather has him as confused as it’s had me the past few weeks.

Anyway, he is actually a pretty good seat mate.  No fidgeting, no eating/drinking, no talking, no loud music and best of all, no weird smells.  And, his square knee has piqued my interest for the last few stops.  It’s the squarest (is that a real word?) knee I’ve ever seen!  I wonder if that is a pro or con when it comes to function and comfort.  Now, I’m wondering if my knee would be that square if I was skinny…naaaahhh…I seriously doubt it.  Y’all know I touched my knees to test it.  lol. I keep trying to look at his other knee to compare, but it’s turned outward (good seat mating).  From this angle, the right knee looks more rounded.  I want to ask him which knee works best for him, but I get off the next stop and Ro James just started singing in my earbuds.

Let me grade this interesting knee man before I get off to start my race.  Although, I think I’ll walk instead of catch the shuttle.  It relaxes me.  Back to my seat mate – he gave me the most pleasant smile as he moved so I could exit the seat.  I hope he has a fantastic day and I hope both his knees work perfectly for him. SEAT MATE GRADE: A

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