Quite the commute 

This train situation is getting out of hand!  I get on at the second stop and I had to fast walk two cars down just to make sure I got a seat.  Luckily, I have on flats so I could be competitive. Its the 3rd stop and people are already standing.  We are going to be like sardines in this joint by stop 6.

I was so happy to get a seat…until I inhaled.😩  Homeboy smelled like feet, corn chips, yesterday…maaan, I don’t know what the smell was.  All I know is it’s too early for this shit and he is too old to pretend he’s taking a shower when he’s in the bathroom.  He put those nice clean clothes on over all that nasal offense.  Why do kids go through that stage?  If you are in the bathroom all that time, why not shower and brush your teeth?  Anyway, I decided I was not going to sit around and stew in that and quickly surveyed the train car for a rescue seat.  SEATMATE GRADE: F

I found a seat in the last row beside a man who is not even tripping about elbow space.  I am keeping my elbow low though because I am on the outside.  He has on good earbuds – I can’t hear his music at all, not even when there is a break between my songs.  He has his bag tucked between his legs and they are open only shoulder width apart.  We are giving each other so much space that I can see the seat divide between us.  If you know these hips, you know there has to be some aisle spillage to obtain this.  But, I can comfortably give that much space because I only have an average size purse today!  There are no seatmate violations happening – lip licking, eating, drinking, and best of all no smell.  SEATMATE GRADE: A

This joint is jam packed!!!  People are getting into relationships they didn’t intend on having when they woke up this morning.  I feel sorry for those who don’t have a bag as a blocker.  Some of them might as well exchange numbers at this point.😂😂😂  This is how my exaggerating eyes see the situation:Not quite, but it’s pretty close.😳

These standing folks are so close to me that I need to grade them too.  The man and the woman are angling their bodies just enough to keep me from having a face full of ass.  His bag is on the ground and although hers is on her shoulder, she is not bumping it against me. The light blue lint balls covering his jacket even kept me occupied for a while.  I concluded he washed his jacket with towels or one of those extra soft blankets. Bet he won’t do that again.  He is chewing gum, but so discretely that I am impressed.  It took several stops before I even noticed.  I checked her face to determine if I should give up my seat, but decided against it because she has on sneakers, one bag, and I believe she’s mid 30s.  I don’t give up my seat to youngins unless they are with kids or struggling some other way.  Anyway, I am pleased to award both my standing partners As.  They earned them.

But, these youngins are trying me today. Why did this lil thing try to beat me to the 3 lane racetrack (see Ready, Set, Go post).  It was obvious that I had the right of way, but she tried it! Didn’t she see Miz had on flats?!!! She had to settle for catching my wind (not that kind…not a gassy morning😏).  Then this other youngin called me from behind for directions.  Then she had the nerve to try to pass me after making me stop. No ma’am!  I picked up the pace (way more than I’m accustomed to) and continued it until she turned off to her destination. Only then, could my normal pace and air intake go back to normal.  It’s a cool morning so I don’t even need to refresh my deodorant. Winning…in more ways than one.

About these flats though…they are not the best for speed walking.  The ankle support is horrible and they are rubbing against that toe that has no purpose except giving my pinky toe a resting place. I really wish I had my sneakers.  There may even be a blister in my near future.  But, was it worth it? Absolutely!

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