MartaMe Memory 4.26.13

I am so glad my morning commute was not a foreshadowing of my day. First, I walked down as soon as the train doors were closing. Then, something happened at the airport stop to delay the train. I was still waiting for the train when I should have been walking into the office. When I finally sat down and got comfortable, a dude headed straight for the seat I was in with his head hung very low. He sat down so aggressively that he bumped my shoulder (which I could feel the rest of my 30 min ride). He said nothing – just kept his head lowered, making eye contact with no one. Now, crazy recognizes crazy and I knew I was not in the frame of mind to match his crazy that early in the morning. So, I got up, swiped past his knees and let him stay in his own crazy world…ALONE! Guess who stepped on the train the next stop…one of those Metro/Marta Ministers! She started preaching the most random stuff as loud as she could to everyone yet no one. Her sermon had something to do with our inability to receive good reception on our phone and tying it into no reception to God. My phone bars were non-existent, but she knew that was because we were underground & we never have bars in that area. lol I turned the volume up in my headphones, but she was killing the mood that Jaheim was trying to set. I was blown! I was so damn relieved when I finally exited the train to start my work day.

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