In the Weeds

This is an interesting one for me.  My seat mate (I’m going to call her Mary Jane) smells like she showered in dro, got out to put on her kush lotion, and then followed that with ganja eau de toilette.  I hope she is not on her way to work.  If so, she may be walking into a random drug test.  Shit, I might be walking into one just from sitting next to her.  She’s in this for the long haul – got on 2 stops after me and didn’t depart at the transfer point.  What if she forgot to get off?😳  I think I’m getting a contact…I’m hella hungry.  But then again, I have yet to eat breakfast. 😜  I wonder if that’s what she had for breakfast.  I wonder if my head bobbing is blowing her.  Blame it on my playlist.🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m almost at the end of my 40 minute ride and she’s still hanging in there.  We are “bud”dies now.  Get it, get it!  I’m so punny. 😂. Time for me to go. She’s been a pretty decent seatmate – no cheetos nor funyuns dust, no epiphanies, good spacing, elbow low…straight chillin.  SEAT MATE GRADE: B

6 thoughts on “In the Weeds

    1. Everyone expected a low grade. lol. Maybe I was buzzed cause I got over that quickly. Now if she was popping gum, that would’ve been a different story.


    1. The smell did drive me crazy for the first 5 mins, but I eventually cut off my sense of smell. You know I’m magic like that. LOL By the time I graded her, I was pretty much over it. But it did prevent her from getting a B+ or A.


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