Friday Foolishness 

Things are not starting off right this morning.  First of all, it’s still dreary and now it’s cold.  Where is the 80+ degrees we had last week?  I had to pull out my bin of sweaters I put away a few weeks ago.  Note to Mother Nature: Brrrrr Sucka!

Once I got to the train station, I was pleasantly surprised at how light traffic was…until I got to the top of the stairs.  I looked down at the all the people and thought – please let the next train be Doraville (not my train).  I don’t mind being a little delayed if the Doraville train can take the crowd away.  I smiled as I looked up at the marquee and it listed “Doraville…45 secs”.  I started to relax and gave up my positioning.  I smiled as people started flooding into the train.😏  That was until I happened to look up and notice “North Springs” lit up on the train.  I hesitated because the train signs have been wrong before.  Who was I to believe – the marquee or the train?  That decision was made when I heard the conductor say, “North Springs station”.😳 I had to make a mad dash before the doors closed.  Of course, all of my favorite seats were gone.  I sat down beside the girl who got “my seat” out of spite.  But, I quickly got up when I noticed an empty seat at the other end of the car. Now, I’m going to have to hustle to beat folks to the shuttle…too cold and dreary to walk.  Luckily, I have on my sneakers, so it’s on!

I made it to the halfway mark before getting a seat mate.  He looks to be in his late 50s…no peculiar smells, he’s staying in his seat space for the most part, no fidgeting, coughing, sniffing or gum chewing.  Only problem is, he’s not giving me the elbow space.  I had to take it.  It’s less comfortable for me when I have to take it, but in the words of Big Worm, “it’s principalities to this!”  That lowered him to a B. He’s really into his phone.  My nosey ass couldn’t help but look down to see he’s on Facebook. 👀👀 Now, I keep peeking over to see if he’s looking at freaky stuff.🤔😂  Nothing yet.  Stop the mf’in presses! Did he just fart?!!!🤢😡🤢😡 My nose was just hit with some disrespectful shit and I’m mad at myself for relaxing my sense of smell.  I just looked around and there are so many empty seats now.  Hold up while I move…  Seat Mate Grade: D for disgusting!

I moved all the way back to the seat beside the door I like to exit.  Now, I don’t have to hustle too much for the shuttle.  But, I will be racing when I get to the three lanes stairs…just cause.  Why did someone try to edge me out at the door?  Uhhhh NO!   I was 1st out my door, 3rd down the stairs, 2nd through the gate and narrow doors, and 1st on the shuttle!  That’s a record for me. 🤗🤗  I’m about to walk in the door feeling like a champ.🏆🏆🏆

Make it a great day!

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