Guts and Gloves

I was up way too late last night, so I caught “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” in realtime.  At the end of his program he selects a Jackhole of the Day.  Last night he selected New York’s MTA becau

Hold up…stop the presses.  Why did this lady just sit down beside me wearing a sleeveless shirt and wool freaking gloves?! 👀👀 I would understand if they were a pair of those gloves folks wear after they moisturize their hands.  But, they are not.  They are WOOL…made from yarn…shaved from sheep!😳  What is it about this 62 (highs of 88) degrees morning that made her think don’t forget the gloves and then rock them with this totally sleeveless shirt?  Maybe she’s a germophobe.  If that’s the case, I feel a sneeze coming ahhh ahhh ahhh ch…sike, I’m not that much of a troll…or am I.😏  Maybe just to test my theory.😂  Nah, I’m going to let this go and let her enjoy those hot ass gloves.  Besides, she’s been a good seat mate thus far.

Back to Andy Cohen.  He selected MTA as the Jackhole of the day because they are coming out with stickers for pregnant women encouraging people to give them their seats instead of them having to stand while hanging onto one of those overhead rubber thingies. He thinks it’s a bad idea because instead of commuters being passively aggressive assholes, they will just be obvious assholes.  Of course I disagree with Andy.  Remember, last week I was saying folks need to wear age tags to help me decide whether they should get my seat or not.  It would be nice to know if someone is pregnant vs midsection mature (that’s how I’m explaining mine). 🤗  If gut girls are bold enough to wear the stickers without being pregnant, then they can have at it.  Most gutsy gals are offended when people think they are pregnant, so I don’t think the abuse of the sticker will be enough to not give a pregnant lady a better chance at a seat.  And, sometimes, people (myself included) get distracted or don’t pay attention to baby bumps.  The bright stickers could help bring it to seated commuters attention.  Now, those “I’m 6 days pregnant” and running my belly girls better forget about it.  Gut girls have a better chance.🙃

Glove lady just got off.  She was a quiet, still seat mate the entire time. SEAT MATE GRADE: A – she’s abusing her hands, not mine.

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