More on Misophonia

Misophonia is not just a condition in which people are irritated by sounds.  Everyone I know is irritated by some kind of sound.  Misophonia is more than an irritation, it is rage followed by other emotional overreactions.  A normal non-miso reaction is to roll your eyes or to ask someone to stop when they are making a noise.  My normal miso reaction would be envisioning myself beheading that person or if I can find my voice to ask them to stop, the words are usually laced with profanities.  In those moments (which lasts way longer than the sounds), rage takes over all other emotions.  Some triggers are worse than others, but they all make me much less civil.

All misophonia sufferers don’t react the same.  Some actually cry.  I was surprised at how many cried.  Many of us have learned to keep earbuds handy or we will just leave the room …likely abruptly.  I have long been okay with people thinking I’m rude because I leave or pop in my buds.  But, the alternative is much worse…I promise.

To read more on misophonia, the article below is pretty good.  I just wish there were not sooooo many ads.


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