MartaMe Memory 6.3.15

I don’t know how this day will end up, but this morning is starting off shaky. First of all, I’m on the little engine that could…it has me straight bobble heading. Then a weird bug landed on my breast and sat there like I still breast feed. Swat mofo – now you are dead! Sent a message to your friends. And, my seat mate and I should reconsider this arrangement. Both of our hips are violating the seat divider standard so we are touching like we are like that. I want to cry like that baby is behind me. Whaaaaaa!!! Hold up – is that a tattoo? We’ve been partnering for at least 5 stops and all this time I thought my new boo had a bad keloid. Had me feeling a tad sorry for her and guilty about not wanting to join hips. Where did she get that shit…prison??? I quit her.

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