Drink Responsibly

This irritates the heck outta me.  Why was this left in one of my favorite seats?  It’s 7:00am – who needed all of that to get their day started?  Or, did they just finish their workday and needed a draaank?  Either way, they needed to take their trash with them!  They had the nerve to be fancy and drink that beer with a straw.  If you are this disrespectful, I expect you to take it to the head.

Hold up – this older man just sat there.  First, he picked up the beer and moved it up some.  Then he picked up the vodka, examined it, opened the cap, and took a sniff!😳😂😂    I guess it wasn’t to his liking because he put it back.  Now, I’m curious…what was he hoping for?  And, if it met his expectations, was he going to pocket that joint? I can’t with these people. LOL

Curious man just got up and another man just sat there.  The first thing he did was reposition the beer bottle.  I wonder why both chose to do that. It’s in the way no matter where they put it on that heater.  Do they need to feel some kind of control because they got the jacked up seat?  I know I would be pissed…scared it would spill or a jerk of the train could make it fall, shattering the glass.  Still wondering what kind of person is okay with leaving all of that in the seat.  I don’t know them, but I do know they are trifling!

I got a seat mate a while ago and she instantly got on my nerves.  She is bundled up in a quilted coat with a hoodie under it.  I guess our weather apps aren’t showing the same thing.  She is extra fidgety.  She rumbled through her bag for about 3 stops, bumping my arm twice.  She said excuse me, but I need her to know that means it’s not enough space for all that.   So, the elbow war was on!  She got the message and turned to the aisle to finish rummaging.  She is alternately between mad texting and digging in her eyes.  I see a stye in her near future. Now, she is rummaging again.  She pulled out a bottle of water and I don’t even have my hair down to impeded my peripheral vision.  I’m not even going to wait until the end – SEAT MATE GRADE: D

Maaaan – why was I so distracted by homegirl that I didn’t notice the two streams of milk (at least what I hope is milk) flowing under my feet.  I don’t even know where they are coming from.  What is with these folks and their inability to handle their beverages responsibly today?  I have never been so anxious to get to work.  Time to go!


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