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My neck, my back…my neck and my back

This morning is not starting off well.    I am testing out pillows for a coworker and I needed to return the one I decided not to test, so in addition to my normal backpack and purse, I am lugging a king pillow. I already resolved it was going to be a cumbersome journey today.  But, I never thought it would start at the gate!  I planned to use the wider gate, but a girl with only a purse was blocking it while scrambling for her card.  I heard the train so, I decided to use a regular gate. I tapped my card and instead of the gate opening, I received the red X indicating I needed to try it again.  I tapped it again and the gates opened, but it closed so fast that only the pillow and the majority of my body made it through.  My bag, purse and left arm remained on the other side of the closed gate.  As I was sliding my bags down to pull underneath the gate, a kind young lady tapped her card so the gate would open for both of us.  I thanked her…twice.  How did both of us manage to get through in time without the gate closing, but it wouldn’t stay open long enough for me to walk through solo? This all happened in a matter of seconds but it felt like an eternity.  Now, my neck and shoulder feel funny.  I just want to curl up on this pillow and go to sleep.😩 Needless to say, I missed the train…my train.

I am so glad I have my music to relax me.  I almost didn’t have that this morning.  On the way to the train station, I was rummaging  through my purse and realized my earbuds were missing.  I remembered I loaned them to someone late last night and forgot to get them back.  And, my backup pair was on my nightstand because I took them out during a purse decluttering effort.  Y’all know I’m going to have three pair in my purse tomorrow right?  Anyway, my sister heard me fussing about it and asked if I wanted to stop to Walgreens to buy a new pair.  This surprised me because she is Miss AlwaysOnTimeDontLikeDiversions like a mugg.  Initially, I said no.  She asked again.  I realize she thought about the severity of the situation before I did.  Truth be told, I really think she was looking out more for others I encounter than me.  For those of you who don’t know, I use my earbuds at least 75% of the day to keep my sanity on public transportation AND at work (see MisoMe posts).  I am sooooo glad I listened to her.  

Stop the MFin presses.  Is this mofo vigorously brushing his teeth on the train?!!!😳  Where is he gonna put all of that?!! Is he going wait until he’s off the train?  I need answers!  Oh – y’all don’t believe me?  Here ya go…suffer with me. I really can’t with Marta today!

Follow up:  I made it out of the gate smoothly.  I still had to use the regular sized gate because a lady being pushed on a wheelchair obviously trumped me.  There was a slight moment of panic, but the gate gave me the regular allotted time so my body, backpack, purse, and pillow made it through safely.  

I’m going to need the universe to collaborate with me to make the rest of this day work in my favor.  Make it a good one everyone!

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