MartaMe Memory 11.3.16

All of these seats and super thighs plops down next to me – super thighs junior (by comparison). 😳😳 We are the only ones looking all bunned up on this train. Why didn’t she choose an empty seat or a set of slim thighs to pair up with? 🙄 Then she has the nerve to keep squirming. We are about to start a fire on this joint if she keeps rubbing up against me.🔥🔥🔥 Five stops later and the train is still ji empty and she’s still here rubbing up against me. There are rules to this shit!😩

2 thoughts on “MartaMe Memory 11.3.16

  1. Lol! If you sang out loud or acted crazy when people are picking seats, you would be good. You can stop once people are seated and then start again at every stop

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