I hate when this happens 

See…this that bullshit.  They just put us off the train – with no explanation of course.  Behind me is a group of women who, unlike me, prefer to vocalize all of their Marta frustrations instead of blogging them.  They are so glad to have this large audience on the platform.  The train finally moved and I realized I am waaaay too close to the edge.😳 I’ll be glad when the next train arrives.  Although, I know we are going to have to get on a train of people mean muggin us and like they own the train. Here it comes…

This man just raced all of us through the doors but I managed to squeeze in a seat before him. Small victories count.💪🏽  I already miss the other train.  These mofos stank!  They smell like a mixture of cigarettes, dirty rain, and a hard day of work…in the shit factory.😩 I am so glad I’ll be on vacation next week. I won’t have to deal with all these smells, sounds, and strangers.  

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