MartaMe Memory 3.8.18

To give up the seat or not to give up the seat…that is the question. As a general rule the disabled, elderly, folks with kids (in and out the belly), and folks with a lot of stuff get offered my seat on a packed train. The confusion comes when I can’t really determine the age of the women. If dudes are not obviously old, they won’t get the seat unless they fall under one of the other categories above. As for women, the lines are really starting to get blurred – older ladies looking damn good and these youngins looking like they are living hard as shit. Throw in that new gray hair trend and I’m totally confused. 🤔 I’m a bag lady and they are usually heavy, so Imma be mad as shit if I give my seat up to a rough looking 30 something year old…frfr! I need the universe to start showing me their age on their foreheads. Until then, I need to see some crow’s feet and a lil dip in that back before I drag these bags and get up. 😄😄😄 Sorry to the ladies with good genes and plastic surgery. #decisionmade #martaramblings

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