This that bullshit…

These Marta folks are liars. When I arrived, the platform was packed and I started checking the board…hoping my train was not next because I wanted the crowd to thin out a bit before my train arrived. When the train finally showed up, of course it was mine. So I filed in with the rest of the sardines.🙄
We started to chug along, but we only made it to one stop. While we sat for about 10-15 minutes, a lady’s voice kept coming on to say we were waiting for 2 trains to move ahead of us and she thanked us for our patience. I should’ve known then she was a liar. I looked around and patience was not what I saw – everyone had that this is bullshit look on their face.😒 All of a sudden, it sounded as if she turned the train off and her voice came back to say the train was out of service…OUR TRAIN. 😲 I thought she said it was the other train – I thought they were the assholes in the way. Now, WE were the assholes in the way…getting off the train, packing the platform, about to fight for a seat on what would surely be a packed train. I could no longer roll my eyes at the other folks I was blaming (although they had no control of the situation). I had to humble myself as I entered the new train of irritated faces. Luckily, I was able to beat a few folks to a seat with a lady who looked like she’d be a decent seat mate – hips fit on her side, no gum/food, no weird smells. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say that for the man standing over me. I think he’s still counting on yesterday’s shower.🙊
As I settled into my new seat and the doors closed, I realized I was on the wrong train. I had to remember to get off before the last transfer point. I did. When the correct train arrived, it was packed af! Now here I stand…holding on…balancing all my shit…with a bunch of armpits in my face…LATE. This really is that bullshit!😩😩😩

4 thoughts on “This that bullshit…

  1. Lol this is for This that bullshit. Train life won’t let you be great. Lol And the comment abt dude relying on yesterdays shower is hilarious. LMAO. Not sure if these folks deodorant is giving out or they just don’t believe in daily freshness lol


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