‘‘Tis the season for a sugar daddy…

I can’t lie y’all – I do I enjoy flirting with older, slick talking men. While waiting for my sister at the Marta station, a neatly dressed gentleman glided over with the friendliest smile…looking at his watch and tapping it.

Him: Please tell me what type of husband do you have that’s not here for you already?🧐

Me: I’m a little early today.

Him: So, what’s wrong with your finger? Why isn’t there a ring?

Me: Because I’m smart😏

Him: LOL. Well do me a favor and dial this number for me real quick.

Me: You tried it!😂😂😂

Him: So you don’t have anyone you go to lunch with?

Me: Yes, I do. (It was none of his business that person is a woman🙃. Hey Val😂😂😂)

Him: I’m (I already forgot). What’s your name?

Me: Nicole🤥🤫

Him: Let’s make a deal, Nicole. If I see you here tomorrow, you’ll go to lunch with me.👀

Me: What kind of deal is that? I’m here almost every week day.

Him: 😄😄 I know because I see you all the time. I was going to be perched right here at this time tomorrow…early.😁


Him: I usually don’t wish anything bad on anyone but I sure hope whoever he is messes up soon. I’ll see you later.

Me: LOL – have a great evening

So the whole time he was talking I was singing in my head – ‘tis the season for a suga daddy…fa la la la laaa la la la la.🎅🏽🎅🏾🎅🏿 But, real talk – I just can’t wrap my head around snuggling with someone who might call my dad young man.😂😂😂😭😭

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