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Bad Decisions 

On this dreary, rainy day, I’m making bad commuter choices across the board.  I left work about an hour and a half later than normal due to meeting overload.  Because it was raining, I had to catch the shuttle instead of walking.  As we exited, I let the lady with luggage get off the shuttle before me.  Unfortunately, she chose not to take the elevator, thus holding up a bunch of disgruntled commuters behind her.  It would not have been so bad if we didn’t have to watch the train pull off as soon as we arrived to the top.  Next train – 7 minutes.😩

I decided to sit and mope instead of strategically standing in the area where the train doors open for the car that puts me off right in front of the escalator at my destination.  I didn’t even notice when the train started pulling in.  I tried to rush to my spot, but it was occupied by a group of women. I was 5th to get on the train, so my seat selection was limited.  I sat where a lady had her jacket strewn across the back of my seat.  You would think she’d move it…NOPE!  So, I had to use my back to slide it from behind me. 🙄  Then I hear this continuos popping sound and notice homegirl sitting diagonal from me still hasn’t learned to properly chew gum.  Before I could satisfactorily finish rolling my eyes, I got a seat mate and his grown ass had the nerve to be sucking on a lollipop.  There has to be some man laws for this!📜  Other than that, he was okay.  I didn’t really get a chance to access him because he only accompanied me for 2 stops.  Now, I have another seat mate.  She is not bringing anyone any sunshine.  We are both sitting here looking like Droopy.Perhaps she let a lady with luggage in front of her too.

I forgot to mention I made a serious seat selection faux pas.  I picked that awful seat that has someone sitting next to me AND perpendicularly in front of me.  I don’t know what I was thinking!!!  The girl who sat in that seat had so much stuff that her purse pressed up against my knees…bumping if she decided to fidget.  I couldn’t take anymore, so I moved.😤

As soon as I got comfortable, a loud talking dude plopped down hard next to me.  Before I could get fully irritated, he was gone.  He was my 3rd seat mate… 4th if I count ole perpendicular.  They all lasted only 2-3 stops.  But guess who rode the entire way with me? The lady with the damn gum!😔

Tomorrow, I’m racing EVERYONE…even ladies with luggage.


Simply Orange…Simply Irritating

So, I just screamed my way through a Simply Orange commercial.  I am braving watching Chopped in real time, so I could not fast forward through.  Plus, I could not find the remote in time.  I don’t know which is worse – the pouring of the orange juice or the man’s voice.  The screaming helped.  It was not high pitched – I used my low bass. LOL I guess that’s why my family did not coming running or yell out to see what was the matter.  They just figured it was me being crazy ole me. 🙂

It did encourage me to find my remote…just in time!  The chopped judges started scraping their silverware against the plates and talking while tasting.  MUTE!


No, No, No Geico!

Who in the world created the Geico Emergency Roadside commercial?!!!  I almost threw my remote at the TV.  I was working on a dashboard with the TV in the background when I noticed myself tensing up.  I looked up and added a visual to all the damn straw sucking and other annoying noises going on.  I had to pause the TV until I could fast forward.   This is why I don’t watch TV live anymore.  I must have the option to fast forward through commercials because lately advertisers think obnoxiousness is the way to go lately.  If I had their insurance, I would be on the phone switching right now.  And, I would list “sensory assault” as my reason for termination.


6 things to know about misophonia

6 Things To Know About Misophonia is a good article for those just learning about misophonia.  But, I must admit, I had a hard time reading the description of the triggers.  Just hearing the words irritated – my face was all screwed up, shoulders got tight, and rocking ensued to soothe.  As I read the article, I thought about MisoMe and how it all relates.  Let me take a moment to break it down.

  1. No one knows why it happens: I sure as hell don’t! But, I have learned to cope through the years. I became very okay early on with people thinking I was rude/ bitchy because I had to say something and/or remove myself from situations. As the years passed, I’ve learned to do me while letting other people do them. I want people to continue on with their lives as usual, but know that I am going to continue on with mine and do what I need to do.  Those closest to me understand this and benefit greatly from my nurturing, loving side while dealing with MisoMe.
  2. 5 main categories – mouth sounds, breathing noise, vocal noise, body movements, miscellaneous irritants: All 5 are triggers and then some! Gum popping, food/ice smacking/crunching, soft chewing, jewelry dangling, keyboard tapping, wet noises, sniffing, silverware against plates/bowls…the list goes on and on. And, they all ring in my ears much longer than the duration of the actual sound.
  3. It starts early: I have been this way as long as I remember. My mother says I used to bite people when triggered as a toddler. I’m glad I grew out of that.  Although, my coping visions are much worse than that. LOL
  4. It might spring from anxiety: Not really an issue for me the majority of my life. But, if I am in a stressful situation, it does make it worse.
  5. It’s life-altering: Indeed it is! Most people think I am an extrovert, but that is far from the truth. I prefer my alone time with spurts of “people moments”. While I am being the “life of the party”, I’m usually thinking about getting home. My saving graces are EARBUDS, EARBUDS, EARBUDS, fan white noise (most other white noises are triggers), music (when they are not making trigger noises), isolation, and I know when I need to just get up and leave.
  6. Treatment’s in the works: I don’t know about that. I have been self-soothing all my life. But, I’m willing to try the day and night earplugs I’ve been hearing/reading about. But umm-er-rah exposing me to sounds to help me tolerate them might get someone hurt. Think cat suit & and a samurai sword… 🙂



MisoMe Memory 04.02.16

I was just frantically searching my bag for my earbuds as someone continuously popped gum. I could not find them at first, so my mind was racing with what kind of Rumpelstiltskin kind of deal I was willing to make for a pair of earbuds to fall out of the sky.  My son’s future was in serious trouble. LOL