This that bullshit…

These Marta folks are liars. When I arrived, the platform was packed and I started checking the board…hoping my train was not next because I wanted the crowd to thin out a bit before my train arrived. When the train finally showed up, of course it was mine. So I filed in with the rest of the sardines.🙄
We started to chug along, but we only made it to one stop. While we sat for about 10-15 minutes, a lady’s voice kept coming on to say we were waiting for 2 trains to move ahead of us and she thanked us for our patience. I should’ve known then she was a liar. I looked around and patience was not what I saw – everyone had that this is bullshit look on their face.😒 All of a sudden, it sounded as if she turned the train off and her voice came back to say the train was out of service…OUR TRAIN. 😲 I thought she said it was the other train – I thought they were the assholes in the way. Now, WE were the assholes in the way…getting off the train, packing the platform, about to fight for a seat on what would surely be a packed train. I could no longer roll my eyes at the other folks I was blaming (although they had no control of the situation). I had to humble myself as I entered the new train of irritated faces. Luckily, I was able to beat a few folks to a seat with a lady who looked like she’d be a decent seat mate – hips fit on her side, no gum/food, no weird smells. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say that for the man standing over me. I think he’s still counting on yesterday’s shower.🙊
As I settled into my new seat and the doors closed, I realized I was on the wrong train. I had to remember to get off before the last transfer point. I did. When the correct train arrived, it was packed af! Now here I stand…holding on…balancing all my shit…with a bunch of armpits in my face…LATE. This really is that bullshit!😩😩😩
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No sandwiches allowed!

It started out well…

But, that didn’t last long.  Dude next to me is offending all my senses right now.  First, he flops down next to me smelling like an ashtray full of unfinished cigarettes.  Then, he pulled a sandwich out of a ziplock bowl and started devouring it.  No exaggeration –  dude is munching on that sandwich so hard and fast, continuously turning it so he can bite it from all angles.  He is chewing so hard, I can see his cheeks moving up and down out of my peripheral. That should be difficult because I have turned my body as far as I can towards the window so I can sneak breaths in every now and then.  He is in violation of the almost all the seat mate laws! He’s alternating between killing that sandwich, drinking water, picking his teeth, and licking his fingers!😩😩😩 How big is that f*cking sandwich?!!!😒 How can he still be eating it after all of those rotating big bites?  I think it grows every time he bites it.  And, all of that finger licking on this filthy train…yuckety!  I feel like offering him a hand wipe, but I think he is finishing up because he’s rotating through all the movements at an even quicker pace.  Hold up – this mofo just took out a napkin, wet it, and wiped his hands…after he ate! I can’t with him.  SEAT MATE GRADE: E!!!!!!!!!

Picking teeth licking fingers

Am I being punk’d…for real, who sent him?

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Welcome back…not

It’s my first day back on the train since Thursday (6 days ago) and my first thought is WHAT IN THE EXPLETIVE IS THAT EXPLETIVE SMELL!!! And, what in the expletive is this! I really hope it’s milk.😳

I worked from home Friday and Irma came through and shut a few things down Monday, including Marta.  Yesterday, Marta was running on a limited schedule so I worked from home again.  Today is supposed to be the regular schedule.  But when I got to the station today, the sign indicated it would be 7 minutes until my train arrived. I can just miss my train and the sign will usually show 5 min until my next train.  I know I didn’t just miss one because the platform was packed.  And, when the train pulled in, it was almost packed.  That’s how I ended up in the yuck seat next to good ole wide eyes 👀.  She has never sat next to me before.  Every time I beat her, she sits a few rows away from my smirking ass.  Not today.  She plopped down right next to me because seating was limited and like me, she probably couldn’t figure out where that expletive smell is coming from.  I may be an ass but I don’t stink, so she chose wisely.  It didn’t last long though.  The people in front of me got off two stops later and I excused myself and brushed past wide eyes as I raced a girl who was boarding and eyeing my new, used seat.  I won!  And, it was clean…well clean for Marta.

Now, here I sit…unable to inhale.  Every time I try to sneak a breath, I am hit with a myriad of unpleasant smells…onions, sweat, burnt hair, coffee, what seems to be undercarriage funk, and who knows what else.  It’s all bad.  I swear I would wear an air purifying helmet on this joint if there was one available.  Be on this joint like…

If my seat mate folds or adjust this damn blanket one mo damn time, I’m going to scream!!! She could’ve at least fluffed that joint with a fabric sheet before bringing it.  It could’ve helped with this morning’s olfactory assault.  SEAT MATE GRADE: C

I must say, this welcome back sucks!


Drink Responsibly

This irritates the heck outta me.  Why was this left in one of my favorite seats?  It’s 7:00am – who needed all of that to get their day started?  Or, did they just finish their workday and needed a draaank?  Either way, they needed to take their trash with them!  They had the nerve to be fancy and drink that beer with a straw.  If you are this disrespectful, I expect you to take it to the head.

Hold up – this older man just sat there.  First, he picked up the beer and moved it up some.  Then he picked up the vodka, examined it, opened the cap, and took a sniff!😳😂😂    I guess it wasn’t to his liking because he put it back.  Now, I’m curious…what was he hoping for?  And, if it met his expectations, was he going to pocket that joint? I can’t with these people. LOL

Curious man just got up and another man just sat there.  The first thing he did was reposition the beer bottle.  I wonder why both chose to do that. It’s in the way no matter where they put it on that heater.  Do they need to feel some kind of control because they got the jacked up seat?  I know I would be pissed…scared it would spill or a jerk of the train could make it fall, shattering the glass.  Still wondering what kind of person is okay with leaving all of that in the seat.  I don’t know them, but I do know they are trifling!

I got a seat mate a while ago and she instantly got on my nerves.  She is bundled up in a quilted coat with a hoodie under it.  I guess our weather apps aren’t showing the same thing.  She is extra fidgety.  She rumbled through her bag for about 3 stops, bumping my arm twice.  She said excuse me, but I need her to know that means it’s not enough space for all that.   So, the elbow war was on!  She got the message and turned to the aisle to finish rummaging.  She is alternately between mad texting and digging in her eyes.  I see a stye in her near future. Now, she is rummaging again.  She pulled out a bottle of water and I don’t even have my hair down to impeded my peripheral vision.  I’m not even going to wait until the end – SEAT MATE GRADE: D

Maaaan – why was I so distracted by homegirl that I didn’t notice the two streams of milk (at least what I hope is milk) flowing under my feet.  I don’t even know where they are coming from.  What is with these folks and their inability to handle their beverages responsibly today?  I have never been so anxious to get to work.  Time to go!



More on Misophonia

Misophonia is not just a condition in which people are irritated by sounds.  Everyone I know is irritated by some kind of sound.  Misophonia is more than an irritation, it is rage followed by other emotional overreactions.  A normal non-miso reaction is to roll your eyes or to ask someone to stop when they are making a noise.  My normal miso reaction would be envisioning myself beheading that person or if I can find my voice to ask them to stop, the words are usually laced with profanities.  In those moments (which lasts way longer than the sounds), rage takes over all other emotions.  Some triggers are worse than others, but they all make me much less civil.

All misophonia sufferers don’t react the same.  Some actually cry.  I was surprised at how many cried.  Many of us have learned to keep earbuds handy or we will just leave the room …likely abruptly.  I have long been okay with people thinking I’m rude because I leave or pop in my buds.  But, the alternative is much worse…I promise.

To read more on misophonia, the article below is pretty good.  I just wish there were not sooooo many ads.